Friday, February 02, 2007

A Code Broken, Crucifix Uncrossed

Last night was the debate between Dr. David Holmes of the W & M Religion Dept. and the renowned and esteemed Dinesh D'Souza, Professional Conqueror of Academic Pseudointellectuals. The debate was over the Wren Cross controversy. Unfortunately, I missed the debate; by the time I got to the Wren Building, both the Great Hall and the Chapel were full to the brim with people. I did, however, go to Christiana Campbell's Tavern for the reception afterwards, and got to meet the man himself:

I look a bit overjoyed, no? It was a hell of a lot of fun. There were some folks from the ISI there selling his new book (which I promised to plug), The Enemy At Home, as well as the staff of the W & M paper The Virginia Informer. A few people from UVa had come out, and during the reception they assured me that there was quite a conservative population on their campus, which gives me hope. It makes me happy to think that there's a bastion of right-wing thought in the middle of Berkley East--I mean, Charlottesville.

THIS is the kind of thing I wanted to happen during my college experience, the kind of thing I read about in D'Souza's very own "Letters To A Young Conservative." Apparently we young conservatives (and libertarians) needed something like the Wren Cross kerfuffle to rouse them from their torpor and actually fight back for once. Fight we have, and fight we will continue to do; people like Mr. D'Souza coming to our support only adds fuel to our resolve.

I'm still flying.


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