Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Breathe, Release
on the dawning of my last semester

I know I'll have to let you go one day--
I guess I always knew I'd have to leave
And yet I never learned to stay away.

Would it bother you? Would you ever say?
Would my departure give you cause to grieve,
Knowing I had to let you go someday?

I'd always hoped there'd be another way--
That there might be a reason to believe
Because you never learned to stay away.

But the hopes I had are all in disarray
The tattered web of longing that I weave
Won't stop me from having to let you go one day.

And maybe it won't hurt you anyway
Perhaps all I've ever done is to decieve
Myself that you never learned to stay away.

And in the end, who wins? Who has to pay?
Neither you nor I is so naive;
We have to let each other go someday
And yet we never learn to stay away.

(I'm still flying.)


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