Thursday, November 30, 2006

I meant to post these pictures a while ago, but due to malfunctions with my Canon software I postponed it indefinitely. I rescued this little painted turtle (whom I named Fuzzy in a fit of ironic whimsy) from the sidewalk near Blair Hall. How a baby turtle got from the Crim Dell (where I assume he wanted to be) to Blair, I have no idea. Through some stroke of good fortune I happened to spot his little self, so I picked him up and put him in a paper bag, where he stayed for the rest of my afternoon classes. After classes I took him back to my apartment and let him hang out in the bathroom sink. Eventually, after dinner, I took him down to the Crim Dell, where he took two steps forward and promptly tripped, tumbling end over end until he fell, upside-down, into the water. He righted himself and placidly swam away.

There are times I miss him, but it's almost impossible to raise a baby turtle unless you're my dad's friend Alice, who has almost a magical touch when it comes to taking care of animals. Sentimental guy that I am, I like to think that if my kids ever come to William and Mary that Fuzzy will, by then, be one of the moss-covered painted turtle patriarchs who spend their spring and summer days floating in the warm water of the Dell.

I heard somewhere once that turtles have good memories. I hope Fuzzy remembers me fondly.


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