Thursday, May 11, 2006

Back to your hiding place
There is nothing to see here
Move out, move along
In the unbearable light
There is nothing revealed
There is nothing to see here

So ends my junior year. As opposed to last year, I'm not going to end this with insights, or musings, or reflections on what this year meant to me. It's not that I don't want to, I just don't have the energy and I don't see the point. I stopped writing on here because I had tests, papers, and finals and so far that's all that's really happened in my life. Everything else--well, I don't really have an everythig else right now. I go home for two short weeks and then come back here from June until August to work in Dr. DeFotis' lab. Then I go back to school two weeks after that. So in a way, this doesn't really feel like an end to me, any more than Christmas or Spring Break is an end. It's a pause, a few long breaths before diving back into the waters.

And maybe that's the way it should be. Maybe the long pauses are the ones that kill me, anyway. If you give a person breaks eventually he starts believing that life will give him breaks, too. It doesn't. It just keep going right along. So I think I'd rather just see this as a small bump in the road rather than The END Of Junior Year.

I do plan on posting some stuff about my plans to start a winery (in case you've noticed the updated profile). However, as mentioned above, I'm entirely too fatigued to write about anything other than not writing about anything. So it'll have to wait until I'm either home or back here at W & M.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At moments like this, it is important to remember to celebrate the big or little victories that were achieved. Mastering the Junior year is quite a mark of honor that should not be belittled. I'm confident you will notice a different attutide between you and the chemistry faciltiy next year. You passed through P-Chem, so you are now more a colleague then a student. Congradulations....

From 6/5 - 7/14 I will also be studying in the 'burg, although unlike you, my job in Jamestown will not be air conditioned.
However, during that time I look forward to some shared dinners and interesting chats.

Once again do not belittle your accomplishments, we done!

C. Durfor

10:56 AM  

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