Saturday, February 11, 2006

You'd have a wonderful day
If you could see how lucky you are
-The Wallflowers

Some random things:

This weekend has been good so far. My Firefly DVD set came, no thanks to the W & M postal service (motto: "Service With A Snarl!"). They gave me two packages in return for three package slips. The math didn't seem right to me, so I went back and asked the angry man to check for another package for me, after explaining what had happened. He literally stared at me belligerently without speaking until the nice lady next to him finally asked me what my box number was. I told her and she got the package for me.

Don't get me wrong. I like getting packages. But the jerk at the P.O. seems intent on keeping them.

Anyways. Charter Day is/was this weekend. I went with my friend Becky, and it was really nice, although we didn't stay for that long. We ended up going back to my room around 10:30 or so and watching some of the Firefly episodes before she left--it's supposed to snow (has snowed, by now? I'm not sure) in Charlottesville, and she wanted to beat it back so she didn't have to drive in it on her way back this afternoon.

I got Dr. Orwoll, my PChem I and Chemical Research professor, as my advisor. I'm really relieved--he seems willing to go to bat for me over the honors thesis thing, and I think I might actually have a chance of getting into the program.

And, I have a wonderful lab partner this semester. I ended up screwing up our last lab by turning the wrong dial on our electric dipole meter and screwed up all our subsequent measurements, meaning we had to spend an extra two hours redoing the lab--and she was an amazingly good sport about it. When I told her it was my fault, she looked at me reprovingly and said, "Will, we're lab partners. That means it's either both our faults or no one's fault."

I hope my (apparently) good luck holds.


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