Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well, the reports are rolling in and Will's grades are taking a beating. Up until P-Chem everything was dandy--B in Instrumental Analysis, A- in German...but then that damned C in P-Chem came along and shot my GPA down below a 3.0 (again). However, all hope is not lost yet. Apparently, in order to do an honors thesis in Chemistry, one must have a 3.0 or petition to do a thesis. I'm wondering if this "petition" needs to have "$100" written in all four corners, but hopefully I can work something out. Dr. Rice, our chairman, is a good guy, and if he's convinced that I'm working hard and willing to work harder then I might have a fighting chance at the coveted thesis work.
At any rate, my cumulative GPA (2.92) and my current GPA for the term (2.94) are starting to get close to each other, which is a good sign, I suppose. I remember back when I could get a 3.30 for the term and still have a 2.80 cumulative. If P-Chem II doesn't treat me too badly, it's possible that I could end my junior year with a halfway decent average.
But, good Lord in Heaven, am I tired of struggling for numbers that won't mean anything in 2-4 years. I can't say I'll miss this part of college when it's over and gone.


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