Monday, September 05, 2005

More updates, I guess.

Because I missed applying for my FAFSA this year, I have to work off $2,000 in debt that would have otherwise been covered by Federal loans. To that end, I applied at a couple different places, and am now working 20-24 hours a week at the Scotland Shop.

Now, they don't have a website, but this place is really awesome. They have lots of Celtic stuff but as their name would imply they sell a lot of stuff oriented towards the client who can figure out his Scottish ancestry (as I have done by now) and buy ties and scarves in their clan tartans, as well as order kilts in the same tartans (if they're brave enough).

I tend to work 6 or 8 hour shifts, three days a week. It's pretty good work; Maryann, one of the retired ladies who works there part-time, told me that they were impressed with enthusiastic I was. I told her that I like wearing ties (I have to wear nice pants, shirt, and tie for this job--as if I needed coercing), enjoy Celtic stuff, and like chatting with people. Plus, it's extra money. If I work through the spring semester, which I fully intend to do, I'll have worked off my debt and made a little extra spending money. At the same time, I get 25% discounts on anything I buy while I'm working there. (I already indulged in a Logan/McLennan tartan tie, since I traced my McClanahan heritage back to those clans.)

The ancient MacLennan tartan.

Although there's some added stress--today, I went straight from three hours of class between 9 and 12 and then worked the 12-6 shift at the House--I think I can hack it. Besides, I have things to cheer me up, like selling two $80 sabers (which was the biggest sale we had today). If only it were more than a part-time deal, this could be my dream job...

Oh yeah, and the academia thing. That gets in the way sometimes.


Blogger Baron Bodissey said...

You should major in caber-tossing.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings from South Carolina, USA! I was doing a general search and found your reference to McClanahan... I, too, am a McClanahan, and am getting into the geneology search (and, argh, am starting at a university on Thursday to obtain my Bachelor's degree. I would love to chat and learn more about your history! D.

2:05 PM  

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