Thursday, July 21, 2005

So now I'm back home, looking for work. Probably not too much I can get in the last few weeks of summer, but I've got a couple contacts here in Buckingham that might be looking for help. All I really need is a way to pass the time, to feel semi-industrious before going back into the Academic Grind.
The only rough part is I have to go two weeks without seeing Maria. Hopefully one of those weeks will be spent at the beach to ease the heartbreak a little bit.

The only other remotely interesting thing in my life is a pet project I've been working on for some time. My dad and I were talking one time about how the "Bertie and Jeeves" series written by P. G. Wodehouse was supposed to be set in an Edwardian England where World War One had never taken place, sort of an idyllic fantasyland that never existed. My idea was, what if Bertie had gone off to war, with Jeeves as his bat-man? Thus was this story inspired. The first installment is here; more to follow as inspiration strikes me. (I'm upstairs reading a bunch of Wodehouse short stories right now in order to motivate my underachieving mental processes.)


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