Thursday, July 07, 2005

More updates, I suppose.

After some unpleasantness, I left the job at Air, Water, and Soil. It probably wasn't the best choice in terms of the first laboratory job I could have taken; after all, it was a commercial lab whose first priority is to make a profit. I'm all for that sort of thing, but since I don't know too much about actual real-world lab work, I needed training--and they couldn't afford to take the time to train me in what I needed to know how to do. That being the case, I found it better to leave rather than continue working under those conditions. So I am now currently searching for another job within the Fan area and immediate environs.

In happier news, I went to visit Maria at her parent's house this weekend. It was quite a bit of fun (of course). We went to Busch Gardens on the 3rd, and I actually rode a coaster with a loop (The Loch Ness Monster). I haven't ridden the Alpengeist yet, but I plan on doing it next time Maria and I go, since she has another free trip before her ticket expires.

Anyway, it was nice to see her parents again, this time officially as her boyfriend. Her dad is a professor at W & M and we were talking about the current state of things--President-elect Nichol, the budget, the Charter Initiative, and stuff like that. Her mom is Austrian and an amazing cook; I helped her make bruschetta at one point, from scratch. ('Twas delicious.)

But yes, although things have been rough in terms of employment and the lack thereof, there is enough in my life to convince me that things will be all right. I ran into a guy at CVS the other day, a 44 year old painter, out of work because he'd injured himself pretty badly at a jobsite. His medical insurance covered his bills but he was getting no pay while he was out getting surgery and such. I sympathized with him, told him I'd worked two summers at a construction company and knew how rough it could be. He gave me a friendly pat on the shoulder, pointed up, and said "Sometimes you just have to have faith that the Lord God is taking care of you."

Which gave me pause. I have a place to live, I'm in school, and I have two great parents who'll bail my sorry ass out of any dire monetary straits that I might happen to go through. This guy didn't have that, and yet he was able to keep on keepin' on. I think that man was at CVS that afternoon to give me a message: buck up and don't worry about it. Sometimes you just have to have to have faith that things will end up okay, even if the path there isn't exactly spec-frikkin'-tacular.


Blogger Arrowatch said...

*flings hands exasperatedly* I've been saying that as long as I've known you!!! Copeceticness!!!... I misspelled that, but still. Copiceticness (still m/sp) and getting a girl are important, and you've done the second. Take it from a never done drugs stoner. Cop... read above... is important

4:34 AM  
Blogger Gryffilion said...

You're a never-done-drugs stoner, too? Do you listen to the Dead as well?

3:02 PM  

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