Sunday, June 05, 2005

"You were only waiting for this moment to arrive..."

Maria came over again this weekend. She got here on Friday evening, much to Geneva's delight. We sat up watching movies until pretty late, and then went to bed. On Saturday, we ended up going to Carytown. It's the kind of thing I've imagined before, spending a lazy afternoon with someone that amazing and special.

Anyways, we ate at an Indian restaurant called Farouk's, and then went to this bead store that she used to go to a lot when she was younger. We got Geneva a little bracelet made of pink hearts, and Maria got some random things to make a necklace. After that, we went to Plan 9 and she fulfilled an apparently lifelong ambition of browsing the entire used CD collection. Surprisingly, she did it without me having to carry her out of the store, although she was pretty exhausted when we got dinner. (We decided to eat at the same place we ate with her folks the other night.) To put the finishing touches on our wonderfully stereotypical (and thoroughly enjoyable) evening, we came back to Joe and JoLauna's and watched The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, which I picked up in the used DVD section at Plan 9.

And later that evening, she said:

"I love you."

I The only other girl to tell me she loved me (in THAT way) was Sara, the girl I dated six years ago. And even then, she said it hesitantly, after I'd said it to her too many times with no response. This time, Maria said it to me, and said it first.

I don't know what to think--how to think. My mind's kind of foggy at the moment. All I know is that at the beginning I didn't expect a happy ending, or anything approaching one...and so far this has proved my gut feeling wrong. And for once, I'm glad my intuition is fallible. It needed to be, for once.


Blogger emilie said...

stop being so pessimistic! I mean, sure.. things fall apart all the time. thats life! but sometimes.. sometimes they dont. sometimes they last and last.. and they remain wonderful. you have to hope for that and focus on that. if you go through live fearing that every good thing that happens to you is going to end in misery, then youre not going to enjoy it the way you should. stop worrying! what will be will be. and you should have fun and be happy while you can! just let yourself be happy, you know you deserve this! :)

8:36 AM  
Blogger Arrowatch said...

My friend, I've been with mine for over 2 years, you well know. What you may not know is that she was the last one I expected. Gut reaction failed me too. If you don't do anything stupid, and love her back, you've got a rough rider's chance in cuba.

3:19 AM  

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