Friday, June 17, 2005

Ugh. God, I hate getting up early. And since I forgot to bring my alarm clock, I use my cell phone to wake me up. Embarassing.

So I've moved into the place on West Grace Street. It's really nice, and I have a pretty cool housemate. She made me go shopping with her the other day so I wouldn't starve, which I thought was a nice gesture. However, she does seem a bit anal-retentive in terms of messiness. She accused me of strewing the other day, and when I went downstairs to clean it up all I found was a coffee cup of mine on the table. Which turned out to be the extent of the "damage."

Not that dealing with anal-retentive is out of my league. The lovely ladies in the Metals Analysis room at work decided they'd had enough of my blundering about the lab and kicked me out of the Metals Lab. When I went to talk to my boss, she confirmed that this was the case--but hadn't wanted to tell me. Well, gee, thanks. Were you going to tell me at all? Or just wait until, y'know, they threw me out of the lab? However, it turned out fairly okay, considering. I'm now working with Jill at Log-In and with Rachel (the boss' daughter) in the warehouse. And it turns out I'm much happier this way, logging in samples and making up bottle sets for customers. Monkeying around in a lab will probably come with research, not before.

And Maria is coming down this weekend too. I can't wait...


Blogger Arrowatch said...

Since I can never catch you online, and you refuse to message me when I'm away (WTF, I never log off for a reason) I have to say Bully for you, ol' chap. Good show, and what not. I must admit that it can be depressing, but PRESS ON!!! GET TO THE TOP OF THAT HILL!!!... To much Rough Rider, huh... Okay, but I suggest never trying to live with Chop Suey by S.O.A.D. playing. Makes you all bi-polar. Not that we need help with that... rambling... -FIN

5:20 AM  

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