Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nice night tonight. One of those balmy Virginia evenings that makes you glad to be a Southern boy. But then I have a lot of regional pride.

I wanted to get out of the house, so I talked to Wysong about picking me up for some chill time. He came over around 10 or so and we went down to Cary Street (where else?) to hang for a while. We were going to go to the Galaxy Diner, but for some strange reason the automatic door was closed. There were people inside but we couldn't get in. Oh well. So we just wandered around Carytown for a long time, talking about our wonderful girlfriends and college life. Finally stopped at a 7-11 where I fulfilled my need for copious amounts of sugar and Danny fulfilled his need for nicotine. We sat on the trunk of his car and talked about the past year, and how frikkin' weird it had been with all the stuff that had gone down: his being in Russia and breaking up with Liz, Hank and I having our fight and making up, Adam McCool dying, and suchlike. It was nice to be able to talk about it with someone who had gone through a lot of the same stuff with me and who sympathized, instead of writing off my reminiscing as needless nostalgia.

But yeah, it was a fun evening. I needed to get out and be with people, people I didn't work with for once. And Wysong's a great guy, possibly the best entertainer I know. If I ever had one of those days--the kind where your girl breaks up with you after your dog gets run over by the mail truck carrying your severance pay--I'd want him around to make fun of the situation.

And it's late and I need to be in bed. Being out really got me wired though, which is bad. This workweek's gonna be a real doozy. Two of our log-in people are MIA (read: on vacation) until next week and Jessica, one of the two secretaries at AWS, was on vacation yesterday and today. So Jen, the other secretary, and I have been handling most of the log-in and bottle set stuff ourselves. Ted (not sure what his position is; something like hardware manager) and Emile (general IT guy) have been handling log-in and answering the phones as well, but they're stretched as thin as we are. Since Jen is a secretary/project manager and I'm the "office bitch," as I proudly call myself, we're all trying to do at least three things at once.

And as you can guess, we're all about ready to kill each other. Wish me luck and good survival skills.


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Stick it, boss! I got a dollar seegar.

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