Monday, May 09, 2005

Another long conversation with Maria online last night. This one was only four hours, though...we didn't pull a midnight-'til-morning marathon like on Saturday. Anyways, interestingly enough, she's actually been to Beaumaris, which is perhaps my favorite town in all of Wales. It was a bit surreal, talking to her about places I'd been in England, when the trip itself was rather surreal as well.
But the best part came very near the end of the conversation...

Will: sleep well
Maria: you too
Will: I will hope for your sake that you do
Maria: well, i might eventually
Maria: or, as i said, i'll just suffer withdrawal
Will: sleep withdrawal?
Maria: no
Maria: i don't really need sleep
Will: of what then?
Maria: of talking to you
Will: *...blushing for real this time*
Will: dammit, you're making this impossible :-P

Sometimes I wish those conversations didn't have to end...but I suppose their temporary nature makes them all the more enjoyable when they happen.


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