Saturday, April 16, 2005

Phi Mu Alpha "Abnormal Formal"

So last night was the PMA/NKE Abnormal Formal. 'Twas quite a bit of fun. Before the dance, Lynn, Kevin Sapp ('KSapp'), Kevin's date Amy, and I all went to Nawab. I realized that it had been about a year and a half since I had gone out for dinner with people before a formal--the last time being before the Ring Dance with Katie, Andrew, and Susan freshman year.
Wow. That seems like forever ago.
At any rate. Lynn looked gorgeous, as always--though I did have to tell her to stop making disclaimers about how she looked. Seriously, ladies,after the third time your date says "You look wonderful" or some equivalent--stop complaining about how horrible you look. It's just ungracious.
Lynn was going to drive us to Nawab, but when we got all the way out to William and Mary Hall, where her car was parked, she discovered that her battery was dead. So we walked to Nawab, braving stiff winds while wearing formal clothes. Lynn ended up calling Liz to ask her if she would be willing to come and get us, as we didn't want to have to walk all the back to the Campus Center from Monticello Ave. Thank God for friends with cars.
The theme of the formal was "If I Won The Lottery," which I thought was pretty silly until I discovered that it involved a bunch of white balloons with numbers on them. Being adults with the mentalities of middle school children, we immediately started hitting each other with them and making each other's all staticky. It reminded of those times I used to go to parties and such with my parents when I was little and all the other kids and I would end up chasing each other around all night. I guess it's good to be a kid again, sometimes--Heaven forbid we get stuck in our adult selves for too long a period of time.
So yes. Lynn and I had an excellent time. I think this may have been one of the most enjoyable and rowdy dances I've ever been to. And really, how many frats do you know of that have balloon fights at their formals?


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