Saturday, April 23, 2005

King and Queen's Ball 2005

After a series of events that I don't feel like recounting at this particular moment, I end up going to King and Queen's with Lynn. So here I am, standing with a drink in my hand, looking around the inside of William & Mary Hall.


The Hall looks, pretty nice, although I wish they could've had it under the tent like last year. It's like a giant carnival in here. You might see friends you haven't run into in months, but try finding them a second time. It's impossible. I wonder where Lynn is?


There she is. God, she looks wonderful. Everyone looks wonderful. It's a giant pinwheel of colors in here. Part of the joy of KQ is that you get to see your friends dressed up in nice clothes, people that might not normally dress up except for weddings or graduations. I'm kind of glad I didn't bring the wouldn't do tonight justice.


After all, a camera can't capture the feelings you have when you see old friends again, the giggle in your partner's voice as you slip out onto the dance floor, the excited feeling you get when the band starts to play an old favorite. It would just capture still images, images with little or no emotion. No, a camera is for occasions when scattered moments will do, and tonight I want to retain the entire feeling.

*draining glass*

If that's the case, then I should probably stop standing around musing to myself. There's Lynn, she's smiling and she'd probably love to dance. My birthday and KQ come once a year, and this year they're the same.

Waking, stream of consciousness
On a sleeping street of dreams
Thoughts, like scattered leaves
Slowed in midfall into the streams
Of fast running rivers of choice and chance
And time stops here on the delta
While they dance, while they dance...


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