Thursday, April 14, 2005

Birthday "Yeah, I Wish"List

Right, so my birthday's in eight days. I guess I should have posted this a little bit earlier, but oh well. This year, I'm looking for a nice mix of utilitarian and "special" items. Anyways...

-This shirt, this shirt, the TEH shirt (about halfway down), or a combination thereof (I'm almost positive I'm a large)
-Dish soap. Need lots of dish soap for blowing bubbles. Dawn works best, and the blue variety if possible. Please, please--no Joy. I will gladly take anything but Joy. (Not in the literal sense. If you have any joy lying around, please send it to me C.O.D. (Does anyone say C.O.D. anymore?))
-Kiwi shoeshine, black. And a new buffing sponge would be nice, too. One of the ones that has the buffing fluid in it that rubs off on your shoes.
-The usual deal with dress shirts and ties. I'm not picky; as long as they're fairly tasteful and not garish, they're fine with me.
-An iPod. Yes, this is the present I don't really expect to get; however, as long as I'm wishing, I'll wish for the 20 gigabyte one. Look at it this way: I'm a child of the Millenium, and I already have a laptop and a cellphone. I need an iPod merely to fit in., not that I'm trying to justify wanting an iPod...or anything
Ahem. Moving on.

-Oh hell yes. Perhaps the only rude t-shirt I would ever want to wear.
-Some DVD's. I need to start a collection. If you want to help me start it you could look at my favorites on my profile. Or just get me ones you think I'd like. Hell, buy me anything; I'll watch it.
-Strings. Guitar strings. Can always use more guitar strings. (NOTE: 12-string.)
-Dave Barry books. I lost Dave Barry's Guide to Guys some time back, and would like to replace it.

Umm...that's about it for now. I don't expect all of this, just in case anyone thinks I'm greedy. I like to put a lot of stuff out there in hopes that I get a good mix of stuff, instead of requesting two or three things and getting disappointed if I only recieve one. Although I expect people will find interesting ways to surprise me, as always.


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