Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Somewhat more final version of The Sonnet

Here's the as-of-now finished product. The working title so far is the (extremely Emo) "Three Wishes And A Promise."

I hope that when the youth has left my soul
And age's wisdom to its reign ascends
That this same heart still beats within me, whole
As though its numbered hours had no end.
I hope that when these troubled times are past
That we will find our paths have crossed once more
Away from fickle passion's stormy blast
And windswept sands of ardor's lonely shore.
And as the autumn of your life draws near
I hope that being with me brings you joy
And memories, with a smile and a tear:
A gentle girl loved by a quiet boy.
I'd never weep for years I'd spent alone
If at their end I called your love my own.

Scans a little better and the thoughts are clearer to my mind. I think I like it OK.


Blogger Mosley said...

Me out. Prowl now.

11:10 PM  

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