Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Blogging late...again. Today has been busy enough that I'm not gonna come down for a bit yet.

Thanks (mostly) to Hank, I got up in time for coffee and crossiants before my German Philosopher's course. Got my paper back (A-, woot woot) and met another guy named Will who I am feeling out as a potential roommate for next year. Overall, he seems like a nice guy, but I kind of don't want to room with him because I dunno. I like him well enough but he doesn't seem too interesting. I suppose the same could be said of me--I'm sure I've come across as kind of bland.
That is, when I'm not playing guitar and cooking. Which is what I did tonight for my friend Kanene. She brought over her friends Jason and Tiara (sounds like royalty, I know), and we had linguine in the now-famous cream sauce. Hank says it's gotten better with each consecutive attempt. I guess I really am improving.
After a nice dinner of pasta and coffee, Jason, Kanene, and I got out our guitars (or rather, they got theirs and I got Mark's) and we played a little bit. At one point, Kanene said,

"Play us a Jason Pipkin original!"

At which point I said,

"Jason Pipkin...? You're in my frat!"

He'd spent the semester away in China and I'd assumed he was in jail or dead or something because he hadn't been showing up to meetings. I browbeat him for not coming and told him to at least show up and give us his reasons why. For Heaven's sake, I mean, if you pledge to become a brother in Phi Mu Alpha you should take your oath seriously. We pride ourselves on being spiritually and emotionally deeper and more connected than most social frats. It pains me when someone doesn't take that devotion to heart.
Anyways, I let him off with a warning. And a stab wound. And then, to tie in nicely, I went to the PMA meeting, where we had a long battle over catering. We got out at 10:15, though, which is three quarters of an hour earlier than usual.
And now Hank and I are plotting our culinary misadventures. Yar har har.


Blogger Mosley said...

What can you do with rabbit? The whole thing, I mean. It's kind of pink-ish, you'd never know it had bones in it...once.

I'd like a little foie gras if you have it, or some caviar. Make it sturgeon...

OTOH, it's almost shad roe season. Yumm...must buy sherry.

7:29 AM  

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