Friday, February 04, 2005

So yeah...last night/this morning.

I had been waiting for this girl I met recently (at a College Republican's meeting) to get online. She had told me after I suggested going out to take pictures of the snow that she wouldn't be back until after 9, so I waited around and did various stuff--I don't have much to do on a Thursday night anyway. So eventually 12:00 rolled around and she IM'ed, apologizing for not getting back to me earlier; she'd been out dancing much later than she had expected. I jokingly suggested some kind of midnight adventure, something involving hot chocolate and me playing my RA's guitar. I can't remember, but I'm pretty it was me that suggested a serenade, and she coyly went back and forth between the oh-no-don't-you-dare and oh-well-why-not stages, until finally I told her I had to get up fairly early. At which point she teasingly called me a quitter.

I told her that just for that, I was coming over to her dorm and was going to yell her name until I found her window (which is what I had suggested doing earlier). She still didn't believe me, even as I was walking out the door with Mark's guitar. I dashed across the street to Spotswood and walked around it once, calling out until she opened the window of her neighbor's room. She was pretty well gobsmacked--I don't think she expected anyone to come out on a freezing night at 1 AM to play the guitar under her window. Her neighbor, however, was very enthusiastic and urged me on, and I played "Wish You Were Here"--the first time I think I've ever played in the snow.
After which the girl invited me in for hot chocolate and I played her another song in Spotswood lounge. It was a nice time, and I honestly don't think anything could make me regret it. Right before I had left my dorm, I thought to myself,

"When I'm 80, I'll either regret not doing this or I'll look back on this with fondness. There's only a certain amount of time I get to do nonsense like this--I might as well take the chance that's given to me and sing the damn song."

So yeah. I've got more guts than I usually give myself credit for. (And more guitar playing skills than I usually give myself credit for, too.)


Blogger Dymphna said...

What a great story!

No doubt Saint Shelagh was looking down on that with great love. Either she inspired the choice of song or she'll send you a little lightning bolt for using it with anyone else but her...with Shelagh, one can never tell.


3:09 PM  

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