Thursday, February 17, 2005

Oh yeah. Let's hear it for playing guitar. Spent the evening in the lounge practicing and pretty soon a bunch of people (mostly girls) came over. They had been having a birthday party for one of the guys on the other end of the hall and the ones that weren't getting drunk stayed to listen to me. The ones who were drunk (or getting there) wandered off eventually.
Oh, and the awkward moment of the year...having two people sitting next to you on the couch start making out while you're in the middle of a song. What do you do? Keep playing? Smile and roll your eyes at the people around you? Stop the song and whack the making-outers?
When I finished, the guy (either hammered or really, really, stupid, or both) said, "Play somethin'. We'll make out to anything you play."
Me: "Gee. I can't tell if that's an offer...or a threat."

But yeah. It just goes to show that women love a guy who can play guitar, even if his verbal skills when not singing are rivaled by those of a guy with a mouth full of bread crumbs.
(Really, you should hear me when I'm around a group of girls that aren't my good friends. My diction and enunciation get shot to hell. I sound like a cross between Elmer Pig, Daffy Duck, and Bill the Cat. Ackk thppth.)


Blogger Baron Bodissey said...

Suggestions for what you could say:

"I sees yo' glottis!"

"Don't forget the condom."

"Great technique! Mind if I take notes?"

"Two's company; three's an orgy."

"While you're in there, keep an eye out for my class ring. I think I left it there."

2:48 PM  

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