Monday, January 17, 2005

So re-entry has gotten off to a very good start. It began with Danny Brothers taking me out to eat at La Casita, a Mexican restaurant on Richmond Road. He thinks it's a front for a mob money-laundering operation (which would have to be run by the Greeks--according to my dad they own the restaurant business in the 'Burg), because there's hardly ever any business except for souls in the know like us lucky bastards. We discussed politics, girls, basketball, beer, liquor, drunkenness, beer, girls, and suchlike. Afterwards he dropped me off at Pleasants. I was expecting the worst--a showdown with Hank, perhaps, or maybe the vandalization of some of my stuff--but instead, Hank paused the movie he and Stephanie were watching to apologize for over-reacting at the end of last semester. I in turn apologized for invading his privacy, and he said the words which so far have made my month:
"I'm straight with you, dog."
Not even the crass incrassitudes of certain females could put a dent in my delirium of joy. Think of it: the girls in my college experience are fleeting , to say the least. It's harder for me to remember the bad times with women that it is to recall the bad experiences with someone I've lived with. To have to spend this semester in a state of fear woul have sent me into a tailspin. As it is, I've got a headwind and not much can slow me down. Here's looking forward to a brighter year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, translation:
"I'm straight with you, dog" (Hank)
"There are no problems between us at this time, my residential companion" (English)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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