Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Wow. What bravado. What false hope. Face it, Libbies--you failed. You set out to unseat Bushitler. You set out to "re-eject" Dubya, to end the 43rd Reich. And all of George Soros' bucks, all of Michale Moore's propaganda films, all of Al Franken's "Lying Lies," all of the mainstream news media's attempts to paint our president as a lying coward FAILED. You not only lost the election--you lost the American people.
Some of you like to take the election results and say "That means I'm smarter than 51% of the country." Fine. Have it your way. But just remember--it isn't always the billions of dollars and the hate-filled rhetoric that gets you what you want. Sometimes you have to recognize what the American people really want. And what the American people want right now is the right not to be murdered in their homes, at their workplaces, by some Islamic fanatic with access to a plane and a bunch of explosives. And in my opinion, they placed their bet on the Right Man.

Note to my liberal friends: this is NOT an attack on you. This is an unprovoked rant that I felt the need to express. I love you all dearly regardless of whom you voted for. :-P


Blogger Dymphna said...

The situation you describe is going to be interesting to watch. It seems to me that the invective and ad hominem remarks are the reflection of a fundamental paranoid state of being.

The talk about secession is okay; I remember feeling the same way under Clinton. That was a long eight years.OTOH, I didn't talk publicly about it and I wasn't bitter...more like resigned.

What is truly disturbing are the mutterings about assassination that take place in the public arena. This could be Lincoln all over again. There are certainly enough angry people to make such a scenario credible. However, having Dick Cheney as the Prez instead may rule this out for even the angriest of the mob.

I heard Jeanne Garafolo (spelling?) on the radio the other day. It was incredible. The loony left is much, much closer to the ledge than is the loony right. She not only doesn't mind Michael Moore, she thinks he's done the nation a valuable favor. According to her the only thing that lost the election for Kerry was the fact that we have so many bigoted, fear-driven Red Staters.

The dialogue is definitely over. If there ever was one to begin with.

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