Thursday, September 09, 2004

Well, this has been a busybusybusy week. Chem Lab on Tuesday was exhaustive and intensive--and I still haven't finished the take home part. Mainly because I was busy with ROTC Lab on Wednesday and Physics write-up today. And man, was ROTC Lab fun. We went out to Lake Matoaka and did high crawl, low crawl, and 3-5 second buddy rush. The low crawl is where you do push-pull along the ground like you're climbing a cliff, with your head to the side and your helmet "digging a ditch" in the ground. This is for when you're recieving direct fire. High crawl is what you do when you're recieving indirect fire. You have your head up and your rifle cradled in your arms, and you used your legs to propel yourself quickly along the ground. Buddy rush is the "cover me while I move" thing you see in movies--basically it's a way to leapfrog around using cover and concealment. It's tricky,'re up and down and up and down and it gets pretty wearing. You have no time to rest.
So yeah, we got horribly muddy. It had just finished one of those wonderful Williamsburg windowrattlers and the ground was saturated. We were completely covered and our faces were all messed up with camo grease paint. We looked a real sight by the end of it. And it felt great.
And today I had the ultra-exciting Physics lab. Woo hoo. I'm getting kind of tired of it already...just graphs and charts and stuff like that. Nothing like chem, where you actually get to see things take place. In physics, you watch things go up and down and talk about what makes them do so. In chemistry, you blow things up and analyze how qualitatively cool it is.
And tomorrow I hopefully get to eat lunch again with my new friend Ariel from MiliSci class. She and I are in the same group in class and in the same squad during Lab so we see quite a bit of each other. She's a freshman, an army brat who I guess is going for term (as opposed to career) in the Army. We eat lunch after class on Wednesdays (before rushing off to change into our BDU's). For some reason, cadets find it really hard to wrap their minds around the fact that I am NOT going into the Army. I guess I'm somewhat of an anomaly, no?


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