Saturday, September 11, 2004

So yeah...what can I say that hasn't been said before? You've all read the words of people much more eloquent than I--how could I possibly add to that? The only thing I can do is advise you to go here. I'll never forget seeing this right after 9/11 and hearing the sweet strains of 'Only Time' and thinking that I never would feel a greater sorrow or emptiness within me.
So what am I going to do for September 11th, 2004? I don't know. I'll never forget that day, that week, the long months afterwards as we watched the crews clean up Ground Zero. But at the same time, sorrow has to be tempered with determination, hope, and a willingness to live on for those since fallen. So I'll watch the footage, listen to the songs, and hope beyond hope that no other date is allowed to enter the list of "dates that will live in infamy." We will never forget, and perhaps we will never fully heal--but America was born to transcend the extraordinary tragedies of this world. Let's Roll.


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