Monday, September 27, 2004

Oh man, is it good to have my computer running again. Apparently my hard drive failed at the same time that I lost 64 MB of ram, which would explain a lot about the recent performance of the 'puter. Thank God for my brother Joe and sister-in-law JoLauna, who have forgotten more about computers than I could ever learn.
And it was nice to spend the weekend at their house. My niece Geneva is adorable and I really like spending time with her. She's amazingly articulate for a kid who isn't even three...I'd like to think my communication skills were that good at that age, but even my memory tells me that I didn't even come close.
Not that she's good at complex or abstract ideas--but when it comes to, say, giving directions or explaining where she put something or where she found it, she rivals some adults I know. And she doesn't get flustered or angry with me when I don't understand right away either. (Which is most of the time.)

To various people in my life...I'd like to offer an apology. I let stress and classwork and my computer failure get the better of me and it resulted in some behavior that I'm not especially proud of. A lot of you are helping set me straight and I'd like to thank you for's good to know that people have my back, and I hope I am returning and can return the favor, both now and in the future.
I know that an apology would be mostly worthless without some sort of I suppose I shall resolve to keep things in their proper context from now on. After all, trouble only means as much as the situation under which it occurs--and I'd hate to end up flying off the handle at the least provocation.
So thanks to everyone who forced me to stay in reality. *grin* I owe you all quite a bit.


Blogger Gryffilion said...

Let me quantify my statement a little: thank you to Eric Anderson, Becky, Lynn, Emily, Caitlin, Mom, Dad, Joe, and JoLauna for supporting and, in some cases, tolerating me. Your patience, help, and friendship was and is much valued.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Gryffilion said...

And by the way, anyone else at W & M or from home whom I neglected to include, please drop me a line.

6:00 PM  
Blogger dymphna's double said...

Hey, don't forget to distribute those cookies. They're the famous Nieman Marcus recipe--there was an urban legend going around for years about this: that some woman stopped in their dining room and had the cookies for dessert and then asked for the recipe. So they charged her $500.00 for their "secret" recipe. Anyway, you don't want no sugar overload!

You're right: everybody needs friends to watch their back and keep them on the path. And we need to be conscious enough to go back and thank them... Soooo--have you figured out JoLauna's list yet? That was quite a question; I'm pondering it myself.

9:31 PM  

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