Sunday, September 05, 2004 I picked up my ROTC kit on Thursday. I never realized I needed so much stuff. Boots, pants and shirts and jackets, dress uniform, dress shoes, pistol belt, ammo pouches, canteens--all this stuff goes into a duffel bag which I then have to carry from Sorority Court to Pleasants.
Which is a long way. I haven't clocked it but I'd guess it's only somewhat under a mile, especially considering the roundabout way I took. (I was on my way to Physics discussion, but halfway there I decided to just head back to the dorm. Screw physics.)
Anyways, yeah, I've been trying to integrate the various ROTC stuff into my room. Thank god for wardrobes...most of the stuff went into there, in varying degrees of neatness. Putting all THAT away made me want to organize the rest of my room as well--with limited success. At least it's neater than last year, but that's because this year's roommate doesn't strew his things all over the middle of the room.
Of course, this year's roommate is better in so many other ways too. *grin*
And wow, I really have the weeks from Hell coming up. It all culminates on the week of the 20th, in which I have this schedule:

Monday, 9/20: Archaeology Quiz
Tuesday, 9/21: Algebra Quiz
Wednesday, 9/22: Physics Test
Friday, 9/24: Chemistry Test

So yeah. This is going to be the semester that tries my soul. Let's hope things go better than last year. Then again, how could they not?


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