Friday, August 20, 2004

OK then! For those of you who care enough about the minutia of my life to read this blog, here's how my vacation has gone thus far:

Sunday, August 15th: We left Dulles early in the evening and got to Jacksonville, Florida, fairly late. After getting our rental car we checked into our hotel. Dad and I went out and got dinner, and I spent the evening trying to get the network in our room to work, to no avail. I then went downstairs to use the hotel's computer to get online, but it froze up. Went to bed in a bad mood.

Monday, August 16th: Found that I could connect my laptop to network cable downstairs in a room off the hotel lobby. 'Twas very happy. Got online and downloaded a few songs, and caught up with folks. After leaving the hotel and getting lunch (we missed breakfast), we drove out to meet my cousin Marlow "Buster" White. He wasn't home yet so we tooled around Tallahassee for a while. When we came back to his house he was waiting for us, so we sat around and talked while he made artichoke and oyster soup (a bit too pungent for my taste, but if I liked artichokes better it would have been great). I also met my second cousin Patrick White, who is attending FSU in a few days time. After dinner we sat around talking about various people on my mom's side of the family, during which I learned a lot of interesting trivia that would be dull in the re-telling. I went to bed really late, after sitting up reading "Night Lamp" by Jack Vance. An excellent book.

Tuesday, August 17th: After breakfast at a diner we went to Wakulla Springs, near Tallahassee. As a point of interest, this is the resort where various Tarzan films were shot (also where "Creature from the Black Lagoon" was shot as well). Apparently it's one of the deepest springs in the world. Pat and I went in; fifty-nine frikkin' degrees. Fahrenheit. After a while we got numb to it, and even mustered up the resolve to take an eighteen foot plunge off an observation tower into (roughly) twelve feet of frigid water. It was quite a swim, though; cold water does something that is quite revitalizing. I may go back to that resort some summer, when I have money and free time. They also have really good milkshakes at the snack bar. Anyways, we bade our farwells to Buster and Pat we headed out to Laguna Beach, where we spent the night at Dolphin Inn. I went out in the water sometime late at night and it was quite an exhilarating experience. I may write a song about it. Just to give you some advance warning.

Wednesday, August 18th: Dad got me up at a reasonable hour to go swimming. Unfortunately, after spending most of the night watching Law and Order and the X-Files I was sort of woozy. It took me a long time to get mobile, at any rate. Dad and I went down on the water and swam around a bit. Contrary to a warning I'd recieved from a random passerby the night before, there was no evidence of sharks or jellyfish in the water where we were. We went back and I sort of crashed out in the room for a long time. Later on we went out to get various supplies (band-aids and V8) and then, after another briefer swim, the parents went out to get food while I stayed in to catch Law and Order. After dinner I spent some more time watching X-Files. I had planned to hit the water after dark again, but the 'Files scared me into staying in my room. Plus the air wasn't as warm, so it wouldn't have been worth getting sucked under by a lampreyman anyway.

Thursday, August 19th: We checked out of the Dolphin Inn, much to my regret. After a final swim, a dip in the pool, and a shower, I took my sorrowful leave of Laguna Beach. We got breakfast at a buffet and hit the road for Tallahassee, where we met Buster and his client (he's a lawyer, but a cool guy nonetheless) for lunch at an El Salvadorean restaurant. After lunch and another (and, sadly, final) farewell to Buster we went back to Jacksonville, which is where I am right now. I think. I kind of lost track, to tell you the truth. So anyway, here I am, at wherever. We go to St. Augustine tomorrow. Woot.


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