Monday, August 30, 2004

Not much going on here at the present. I had the usual beginning-of-the-year freakouts, but nothing too special. It's raining like all hell here--we're getting one of the classic Williamsburg supersaturation storms. It started around 1:00 and it's still going strong--I'm thinking we might be dealing with it all week. Probably just remnants of the tropical depression.
So far my classes are pretty cool. Archaeology, of all things, has a fairly liberal bent--all this talk of "racist notions" of other cultures, etc. Bleh. Oh well, nothing's perfect. Linear algebra--well, what can I say? You either like algebra or you avoid it at all costs. Orgo II--meh. Whatever. So far it isn't too painful. Physics--eeeaaasssyy. At least, thus far. I imagine it won't get that bad, and I like calculus okay anyways. Military science--as I said, this is the challenge course of the semester. I'll have to do physical training and I'm considering doing the MiliSci lab as well. We shall see...
Also, I found out Rob Leventhal, a guy who taught me in high school, is teaching here now. He used to be a professor at UVa, but I guess he decided to relocate or something. Can't say that I blame him. I'm thinking about taking his German philosophers course next semester...I could use some padding out in my schedule as far as Humanities go.


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