Sunday, August 01, 2004

My dad and I went up to Morgantown, WV this weekend to see my cousin. She just delivered two twin girls through an emergency C-section (though I suppose that's a redundancy, isn't it?) . The girls, Jessica and Jennifer, are doing fine--though "fine" is a relative concept when you're only 24 weeks old and living in one of those incubator type things. I'll spare you all the gory details, most of which could probably give a future obstetrician nightmares, but apparently it was in the nick of time--literally, in a few more hours, one of them would have died due to complications within the womb.
All this stuff made both me and and my dad reflect on the whole idea of abortions and the like. I mean, right now, those nurses and doctors at WVU Hospital are fighting to keep these kids alive--in an age where any woman can get a third trimester or even a partial birth abortion simply because she doesn't want the hassle of a child in her life. Looking at my cousins in their incubators, it's easy to see that they've already developed "personalities" as much as any healthy new-born baby has--they respond to their father's voice, they kick and wiggle their fingers and cry, etc.
And they're quite legally killable under current Virginia law.
If I ever did, I no longer doubt that abortion is murder, plain and simple. And don't write to me about the whole "rape and incest" thing--I don't want to hear it. Those babies have souls. They are alive and kicking, literally. And they are completely without any human rights, in the most chilling sense of the term. Ground up and spat out like so much waste.
It's ironic that the liberals who, 30 years ago, referred to American soldiers as "baby-killers," are now practicing infanticide on a wider scale than has ever been imagined since King Herod. All with the silent approval of an American "majority."
Convenient how none of US were never aborted, isn't it?


Blogger Arrowatch said...

I hate to say this, but on one part your right, and another... Your a fool.
Abortion is okay, if done before it has shape and mind, but for the first 3 months, about, they don't have personalities, or much of anything. And it's a choice. But beyond the first 'trimester' it's wrong. No way around it. You have to think about something when you think about anything... All things change depending on circumstance.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Gryffilion said...

Have you ever seen a first trimester baby? Are you absolutely certain they have less of a personality than one in the second or third trimester? I'm asking this out of curiousity because I don't know either...however, just because they don't have a personality doesn't mean that they're suddenly "more abortable." I was merely using that one thing of an example of their humanity--which many people, including (but in no way limited to) a large number of liberals, seem bent on revoking.
As for the whole "circumstances change" thing, that's a clever, albeit fairly harmless, cop-out. I'd prefer to be steadfast and end up wrong in some cases than to waffle and change my mind a lot merely to keep from causing a confrontation.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Arrowatch said...

...waffle? Is that what you call what I said?! Waffle?! FLIP FLOPPING?! Now listen. Learn to be INDEPENDANT. Live moderately. A human should have a choice about their body. But, just as a human can't attempt suicide legally, once the fetus becomes an entity, not a mass of cells, not an unliving part, it is wrong.

And don't use the lucky we weren't aborted, because everyone wanted my mom to abort me. Even then, I still believe in CHOICE. A CHOICE. I legally don't have the choice to do something illegal till i'm 18. Then I can legally break the law. It's odd, actually. But I still have choices. My favorite part of FREE WILL is the ability to CHOOSE. I can choose to drink. I don't, for the simple reason it hits a dischord with me. Same with drugs and smoking. If I was a woman, I would want the choice... Besides, do you want them to keep using the baby birthing against us?

And if you infer that I'm a liberal again, I'll waffle you liberally!

5:33 AM  
Blogger Gryffilion said...

Geez, don't take on so. You don't have to be a liberal to waffle. I waffle all the time, especially to get out of doing chores around the house. Chill out, dude. *grin* You're from Cali--you're supposed to be, like, mellow. ;-)

1:24 PM  
Blogger Vash The Stampede said...

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6:44 PM  
Blogger Gryffilion said...

I disagree. It is impossible to be flexible about certain things. If you allow yourself to become too flexible, you end up like John Kerry--too nuanced to make sense. I'd prefer to be seen as brittle and inflexible than contradictory and wishy-washy.

1:31 AM  

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