Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'm not sure what's been going on lately...perhaps it's the fact that I'm at home and only able to talk to people online; stressed about returning to school and still not sure how to study; or just general ennui...but I've been so reactive lately. It's gotten me worried--usually I'm not that reactive of a person. If anything I used to be completely unreactive. But now it seems that things that used to annoy me and then fade away tie me up in knots...literally for weeks.
I dunno...I think AIM can be sort of a curse. It enables you to talk to people but without any form of expression save emoticons, and no vocal inflection or tone whatsoever. And now I'm starting to see where that can lead to trouble, especially with touchy emotional subjects.
So here's hoping I can do things to bring my life in order before I return to school. Regular gym attendance, some sort of study routine, and some way to repair old friendships that I feel are in jeopardy. God knows I'm not perfect, and I can't save everything I love...but if something fails I want it to be because of something external to me.


Blogger Arrowatch said...

Well, It is a curse. But with a mic, you can record tne seconds on the fly and send it. Not alot, but hey. And the next time you end up seeing someone you just talked to, and they are yelling, though you don't know why, remember... Never ever ever say anything that can be misconstrued.

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