Thursday, June 03, 2004 about a charmed life.
My boss from last year, Charles Metro of New Age Builders, gave me a call on Monday. Says he's got some work for me. So his son-in-law, George (also my supervisor) came and picked me up Tuesday morning. We're running two jobs now with a total of four people: George, the other supervisor Dave (also a son-in-law; Charles has five daughters), Andy Palmore, and now me. Why I'm the only one out of all the others that got let go is a mystery. My theory is, I'm cheap summer help that they don't have to worry about slacking off, since I want to work hard for three months rather than goofing off for twelve. So they can afford to re-hire me. Plus I'm pliable and somewhat weak-willed, at least when it comes to construction. "No idea what's going on. None." It's good work though, and good exercise. And the babysitter at the house George is working on is hotness incarnate. *grin*


Blogger Arrowatch said...

Holy Frogs from India!!! You got to work with hotness incarnate, and why is my girlfriend babysitting WAY OVER THERE!!! wow.

And Sorry.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Gryffilion said...

They have frogs in India? I wonder if they eat curry. That would defintely cause them to hop around a lot, I suppose...
If that's your girlfriend, how'd you end up dating a girl twice your age?? Plus, she's married...sounds like you might have to ask for a few explanations...*grin*

1:40 PM  

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