Sunday, May 16, 2004

Yes, I'm home from William & Mary. No, there isn't really anything interesting to report. I have a boring home life--you'll understand that better by the end of the summer if you don't know it already. I live in the middle of freakin' nowhere. Literally. This is Nowhere County, and I live in Nothingsville. Some imprudent cartographer changed those names respectively to Buckingham and Axtell and I have a major bone to pick with him.
At any rate, the only major changes is that I'm down about 50 dormmates or so, no longer have access to women my age, and can't stay up late. Because, really, what is there to stay up for? Without a T1 line and alcohol there really isn't much worth taxing your nervous system over.
So, in conclusion, I'll probably post from time to time when exciting things like a planned trip to Norfolk to see Em, Rach, and Laura transpire. Other than that I'll be busy working with New Age Builders and sleeping. So the daily blogs will probably give way to bi-monthly blogs--at least till September.
So to my few readers (the parents probably won't tune in as much, now that I'm home--this was their way of keeping tabs on me) you'll have to keep in touch through AOL or email. Which will probably be vastly more informative anyways.


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