Monday, May 10, 2004

Wow...what a weekend.
First I went to Eric Anderson's 21st birthday party on Friday night, like I mentioned. (It was a joint celebration of his and Darcy Newsome's, who is in NKE, 21st birthday as well.) It had seemed like a good idea to let go this weekend, since it's the last weekend before exams end and I just felt like opening up to new experiences a little. So yes, I had some to drink. Overall I would say I was merely tipsy and not really drunk, but since it was my first time having that much in a social situation I don't really have a good gauge of the degree of my intoxication. At any rate, I spent the latter half of the evening, after cracking open a bottle of champagne with my friend Matt from Hunt, waltzing and semi-tangoing with a half-English bisexual girl who talks in a Sussex accent when she is inebriated. Naturally, this was quite a bit of fun. She's a great person and has promised to deliver a pizza to me sometime (she works for Domino's here in the 'Burg).
Then on Saturday I went to the Phi Mu Alpha "Morally Casual" party. That might have actually been more enjoyable than Friday night for several reasons. *grin* Didn't have as much to drink but I had a lot more fun. Go figure. ;-)
And today I took the Hellacious Orgo Test O' Doom. Please, PLEASE, don't ask me how I did. I have no idea. All I remember is answering "A" for most of the multiple guess questions. And I think I did okay on the spectroscopy. But since probably most of you neither know nor care what that means, and it's painful to me, the less said the better.
However, now I can begin the healing process (i.e., repairing the damage Orgo has done to my psyche). I think this can be accomplished through sleep, mainly. Though I'm feeling that post-exam high quite strongly...I hope I can get a nap in later on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and there is simply a *grin* in return ;)

12:48 AM  
Blogger Gryffilion said...

Awww...why, merci, cheri!

2:35 PM  

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