Thursday, May 27, 2004

Today was an interesting day. I got up at a fairly decent hour for once to go into town. Hung out at the Mudhouse for a while reading books and drinking coffee and then I happened to hear music playing outside. I listened closely--it sounded familiar. Sure enough, it turned out to be Nickeltown, one of the awesomest (yes, that is a word) local bands. So I hung out and requested a song or two and talked to Browning and Jeff (the two members--singer and guitarist). Jeff's really amazing to watch--I could sit gawking at the riffs and fingerstyles he does for an entire set. There seemed to be a perfect confluence of Heaven and Earth while they were singing and playing--little kids dancing below the steps where they were playing, old people stopping to watch and smile, businesspeople, vagrants, people like me and people like anyone else stopping and rejoicing in that one expression of joy and creativity that seemed to hang, semi-tangible, in the air.
Anyways, after that wonderful little episode in my life, we went home and Jamie showed up to wish Mom a happy birthday (since today--or yesterday--was her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!) and to hang out for a bit. Which was good, since I haven't seen him since we went over to his house during Spring Break.
And tomorrow I go back to Fuqua to visit. I went there earlier in the week, but my timing and luck being what they are, I chose the day of the awards ceremony. Didn't want to hang around for that. Let's see if tomorrow (today? whatever) is any better.


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