Monday, May 17, 2004

Those of you dedicated enough to be my readers may notice that this blog has a new look. Not only do I now have a Blogger Profile, I have also decided (against my better judgement) to install a Comments system, mainly due to the fact that the lack of a T1 line in my life means that I can't communicate as quickly or effectively as I used to be able to. That being said, I'm probably opening myself up for a lot of abuse. So I'm going to ask please, PLEASE, don't comment on the political blogs. If you must, you must--but I'd much rather talk in person. Internet debates are tiring and pointless and, worst of all, unfulfilling. At any rate--if you're someone I haven't been able to get in touch with, leave me a note. And, if you're a new reader (highly doubtful), thanks to my User Profile you can now get in touch with me.
So leave a comment and let's get this thing rolling!


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