Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Shout-outs for today:

-To Caitlin: What can I say, hon? You helped me through many a hard spot and urged me on through the times when I felt my resolve weakening and my strength failing me. All my wacky witticisms aside--I consider you one of my few good friends. *flying hug*
-To Em, a.k.a. "Bright Eyes:" I never realized how much I had in common with you until this year. It's a joy knowing you and getting to know you better--and I count myself lucky to be your friend. Please, don't ever change. And keep know why. *grin* Let's hope that ferry ride happens this summer.
-To Belgium, a.k.a. Lauren: Don't forget, I was the one you kissed first :-P Really, though, Beljam, it's going to be dull without you around next year...good thing you're over in the Units so I can come over and bug you every now and then.
-To Cassie: I've never seen in you in a bad mood, and your sunniness will be sorely missed next year. I hope Hank and I can get over to see you, Joe, Matt and Jen over in Jeffer-son sometime.
-To Kara: "Mom" to us all! Please tell me you'll still be able to eat breakfast with your "kids" next year--and assure me that your new batch of freshies won't replace us.
-To Alicia: I wish I'd met you sooner--it's a pleasure to find a fellow nerd who hasn't joined Skiffy yet. Here's to geeks and all the geektastic things they stand for. Hope to see you next year!
-To Adam Block: I'm glad you got to come down and visit me at W & M--it was hella fun having you here and I hope you get to do it again. Thanks for talking to me all those times late at night on IM and trading stories of how women drive us stark raving mad.


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