Thursday, May 06, 2004

Shout-outs for today (thanks to Belgium for reminding me):

-To Catherine, a.k.a. "C-Unit": You were the conscience of Taliaferro this entire year. I know we grossed you out at times--thanks for your patience and eternally sweet nature.
-To Danny, a.k.a. Princess: Um...I got nothin'. Seriously, dude, I'm going to miss your drunken rambles and offensively hilarious insights next year. Come and see me in Pleasants sometime.
-To Hank-san: It's gonna be awesome rooming with you next year! Because we are awesome! Let's get crunk up in this sh**!
-To Anne: I'm sorry we didn't get to spend too much time together this year--I know you were busy quite a bit of the time. Have a good summer and good luck next year--let's try to look each other up and hit up the Grind again sometime.
-To Allison, a.k.a "Li'Son": So much for you and Aitli coming down to visit me. Maybe I can come see you guys again next year. Keep setting things on fire--you'll light Jeff up one of these days, I'm sure. Eeeee!
-To Rachel: Many thanks for your advice and loyalty through the dark times this winter. I sincerely appreciate them and what you've done for me. Hope you and Em can come down and visit me again--maybe we WILL hit up the Trellis this time. *grin*
-To Ryan: You were one of the first people I met this year, and I've enjoyed knowing you the entire time. Have fun taking Orgo II this summer *sympathy wince* See you when we start having meetings again--and good luck with Pre-Med!
-To Danni: Crazy times in evening lab, my friend. Thanks for your sage, if somewhat wacky, advice, and your limitless store of disgusting jokes. You could be an honorary member of ATO--maybe even an honorary MALE member, if you tried hard enough.
-To Adam McCool: Fu** sh** up, man. Fu** sh** up.


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