Monday, May 03, 2004

Nothing of note happened this weekend--to me at least. I'm sure many of the people who are now getting liver transplants could tell you some great stories. Sometimes I almost wish that I drank, even socially, just so I could see some of the stuff that goes on. But then I see some of the drunk people, or hear the tales told over brunch, with rueful faces and regretfully hung heads. 'Course, some people, like Charley, remain unrepentant and defiant in the morning, but they're the hard cases. The lightweights all look rather doleful in the morning--"I can't believe I did that" or "What was I thinking...?"
For the most part, the drinking seemed to be ceremonial. I know these people--most of them aren't alcoholics. The let's-drink-from-9 AM-on crowd was mainly doing it for symbolic reasons. Screwed-up, yes, but symbolic as well. I guess that's one way to usher in the summer...getting extremely hammered by 11 AM.
At any rate, I woke up late both Saturday and Sunday. My body has been catching up on sleep--I've been running it ragged all week and I guess things finally caught up with me. However, I want to get a good day of studying for Calc in tomorrow, so I'll probably try to get a decent (and reasonable) night's sleep in.
Wish me luck. M-Var is one of those things that I understand pretty intuitively--but if I don't review it, I am extremely hosed.


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