Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Multivariable went very well, considering how much I was freaking. The only thing that really screwed me up was two problems dealing with line integrals of functions of two variables (yeah, yeah, I know). The rest--tangent planes, normal lines, vector equations, and double integrals--was for the most part, a piece of cake. I think I can expect a B/B+ in the class overall. Woohoo!
On to the Naming Game...

-To Sarah, a.k.a. Knocko McSchmance: Spunky since the first day and always fiesty as hell. I'm going to miss you a lot next year, Hot-Lips. Remember: you belong among the wildflowers...
-To Tyler: I can only say that I feel much better knowing that you are our Saviour. Continue to spread the word, my friend. "Carpe carpum."
-To Jack: You've always been able to make me laugh, both at you and at myself. Thanks for being a source of goofy humor when the world was too heavy on my shoulders.
-To Barrow: I'm glad I got to know you last semester--it's always good to find someone else as passionate about taking Gaelic as I am :-P Hope to see you in Whittenburg's class Spring 2005.
-To Dave: I'd say something complimentary and sappy on here, but you'd just make fun of me. So SCREW YOU BIYATCH! Really, though--you rock, D$. Don't have too much fun in Berryville this summer.
-To Mary Catherine: You're Tex's girlfriend--does that make you my Aunt? Seriously, thank you for the sage advice and the occasional brutal honesty...sometimes I need a good dose of reality to balance out the dreams and reveries.
-To Eric: I consider you to be my RA by default, and with good reason *raised eyebrows*. Thanks for being there for everyone in Taliaferro and not just your "designated" residents. You helped get me through some tough times with various dorm-related things *ahem* and I sincerely appreciate it.


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