Monday, May 03, 2004

Hey all...taking a quick break from Calc for dinner and blogging. I found that it works well to punctuate studying with conversation and maybe a little TV watching. I've found over the years that cramming doesn't work too well unless it's done in increments--and yes, sometimes you do need the entire day for it. 'Specially when you're like me and don't study period. (Not quite true, but still...)
Anyways...I thought a nice end-of-the-year feature on here would be to mention each and every person who I've met, become friends with, grown fonder of, or whatever the case may be over the course of this year. I figure if I do seven or eight a day (approximately) I should be able to get everybody.
In no particular order:

-To Andy "Idaho": Thanks for always being a goofy kid and struggling over Orgo homework together with me. Silverback!
-To Danny Wysong: What can I say? You're a great guy and I think the world of you--even when you are screaming at me about things political. Bring back a Russian love bride for me.
-To J.P.: Keep it real, biyatch! You rad rock, dude! I heart you a lot! *buh huh huh*
-To Tex: I've come to appreciate lately the pleasures of being part of the most dorktacular Phi Mu Alpha family. Good luck at whichever program you decide to take this summer.
-To Amy: I've known you for, what, five months? Yet you were calling me pet names like "bitch" and "whore" barely weeks after we first started talking on IM. I find that rather sassy. :-P
-To Eric Anderson: You and perhaps one or two other people in my life have kept me grounded in reality through this wacky damn year--so it's probably mostly thanks to you that I'm able to phrase a coherent sentence right now. Merci beaucoup, my friend. "Bitches crazy."
-To K, a.k.a. Arrowatch: You've known me "from the beginning" and we've only been talking for a month now. How crazy is that?? Best of luck to you, my friend--and try to stay sane with all those hippie pinko weirdoes around you in Cali.
(NOTE: I'm joking! JOKING!)
-To Ethan: Dude, you MADE the pledge process for me. I can't think of anyone else with whom I would have rather gone through it. "WE'RE FROM THE BAND LIMOZEEN!"


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