Friday, May 07, 2004

And now for something completely different--the last of the shout-outs.

-To Courtney: Thanks for always being there to give me advice and keep me cheerful. Have a good summer and keep having fun at HS-C...God knows those guys could use the company :-P
-To Mike: Fu** this game, man! Screw chicks! We gotta dance! F'real, right? *grin* Have a good summer, man.
-To Sarah Jo, a.k.a. "Creepy": You need to come down and visit Wysong and Amy and Liz Kimball and them sometime so we can hang out. I wanna see you get wasted.
-To Anna: Someone who laughs as much as I do! It's been a pleasure, m'dear. You picked a good one this time--don't let his goofy Semitic attitude fool you.
-To Joe: Yo, man, for real. For a guy with only two topics of conversation you've been an awesome dormmate. Hope I get to see you and Matt-san next semester.
-To Derek Power: Someone else who experiences the world in almost the same way I do! Sometimes I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing--at any rate, we'll no doubt find our way through. Good luck and don't let the bad times get you down..."This too shall pass."
-To Matt: Thanks for being possibly the funniest, goofiest, neatest guy I know. Ever since you started playing "Adventure Music" back at the beginning of the year I knew you had to be awesome. I was proved right.
-To Kathryn: I know you've had a rough time this year, hon, but you'll have a wonderful time at college. Don't sweat life--it'll work itself out sooner or later with or without your permission. Might as well have a good time. *hugs*
-To Yttri: I'm really never quite sure what to say to you. No matter what I say you'll still play tricks on me so: good luck with the Ph.D., please don't ever become a professor, and have a relatively harmless summer. :-P

If there has been anyone I omitted, I sincerely apologize. Lemme know and I'll put your name up here in lights. And now, I'm off to Eric Anderson's 21st birthday party. It's like the fun never ends!!


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