Sunday, April 04, 2004

What a weekend. Adam and I had a lot of fun--he was sort of the catalyst for things that I cannot do. Like be perpetually wacky and insane. He said he wanted everyone in the dorm to hate him by the time he left, but I doubt he really meant it. Most of them were a combination of amused and freaked out, which is the usual reaction (to Adam, that is--it was my first reaction to him, after all).
Phi Mu Alpha also had initiation this weekend, which was great. (Three new brothers! All right!) We had a bunch of people from Longwood, JMU, and Hampton show up, so all in all about 70 people ended up coming. Then we all went to Second Street afterwards and I got chicken florentine asiago, which is probably one of the smartest things I've done all week.
One of the highlights of my weekend was when Adam walked into the lounge after I had put on "Echo Echo." What's this? he wanted to know. I told him it was Carbon Leaf. "Wow...and Howard Stern said they sucked!" I told him that proved that Howard Stern deserved to be taken off the air. "Yeah, obviously!" he replied, listening in awe to CL. So yeah. A combination of the Leaves, Adam Block, and PMA has partially ameliorated the strain of the past few days. Personally, I'm almost glad to see the summer coming, after the stress of this semester.


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