Wednesday, April 21, 2004

What an interesting 24 hours.

So after the run-in with the Unnamed Girl (not because I don't like her or am mad at her, just because I don't feel like her putting her name out when she isn't one of my close friends), I was feeling pretty down. Actually, I was feeling awful. All my attempts to go to KQ had fallen through, I wasn't going to the Phi Mu Alpha/Nu Kappa Epsilon "Abnormal Formal," and the Unnamed Girl HAD been giving me the run around all along. So I almost skipped going to the Phi Mu Alpha meeting on Tuesday.
Almost...until Anderson reminded that NKE was taking their pledges out for ice cream at Baskin Robbins and Phi Mu Alpha had been invited along.
So I decided it would be a welcome distraction. I like my brothers and the NKE's are a fun bunch (I know a few from my dealings at Waltz Ball, Normal Formal, etc.), so at least I'd get to be out with people. When I hit relative minima (sorry, shameless calc terminology) like yesterday, my heart of hearts tells me I need to get out and do stuff and see people--not hide away talking on IM and hoping someone will heal my wounds or maybe just feel sorry for me. At any I went over to Baskin Robbins and wasn't feeling much better, hung out a bit, talked to people here and there but wasn't really getting into it.
Then we started dispersing--the NKE's to their dorms or evening activities and the PMA guys in the general direction of Ewell Hall, since we had our meeting later on. Ryan Carpenter and I happened to walk with a couple of NKE's, in no particular direction. I noticed that we had left everyone else behind--or, more likely, they had left us. At any rate, we started breaking apart until it was about five of us: me, Ryan, and three girls who are currently pledging NKE, one of whom is named Alicia. She and Ryan and I started talking about Orgo and drifted around to the subject of grades at W & M, Williamsburg in general, Douglas Adams--basically, we just stood outside free associating. Ryan and I had nowhere to go until 9:00 (the time of the meeting) and she was free the rest of the night. So, when Ethan came up on his way over to Ewell and started talking to Ryan, I took the oppurtunity to ask Alicia if she had a date to the formal? No? Would she like to go with me? She would?
It's funny how a little success puts a rosy hue on things. Not that I have any expectations, hope, fancies--whatever. All I needed was some reaffirmation and a nice chat outside on a spring evening with a few friends, to let me know that things were maybe not as bad as they seemed.
After all, if the Unnamed Girl and I had made plans, then I would have let King and Queen's Ball and Abnormal Formal slip away and focused primarily on her instead. Some people would call it Fate; I have another theory. But that's a story for another post.
The lesson is: even if King and Queen's eludes your grasp, you still have it made if you get a date to a formal with a girl who wears an "I <3 Nerds" t-shirt.


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