Tuesday, April 13, 2004

We have new record, people. The Roommate broke his promise to get off the computer at a reasonable hour within three (3) days. Yes, that's right--no sooner is the weekend done and over than BAM he comes crashing in at 3:30. In fact, it's basically just a repeat of last week...loud, disruptive noises of him coming in, turning on the light, etc etc on a Monday night/Tuesday morning, him staying up till 4 AM, and so forth. When I told him that it was almost an hour and a half past our agreed computers-off time, he said that he was getting "emotional support." I reminded him that we agreed he could that in the study lounge if he needed to use his IM service past 2:30. He responded with some sort of sigh and went back to his computer.
I hope for his sake he has a better defense for his actions than the one he gave me.


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