Sunday, April 25, 2004

Today was quite a fun day. I got up early (read: before noon) and read the news, got dressed, and went out and had brunch with Liz Sadock and Chrissy. We talked about KQ and various things that happened there: how much Kenji loves dancing, how goofy Andy Badke is, etc. Then I came back here and puttered around for a bit doing various things and uploading the pictures from last night.
Since the theme of the PMA/NKE formal was "Famous Lovers," Alicia and I were going as Tex and Mary Catherine (my fraternity big brother and his girlfriend) as they're the "couple" of the frat that gets the most good-natured ribbing (for various reasons--they're both really good people, though, so it's all in fun). So, I had to go over to the Russian House and get Tex's cowboy hat and his Texas belt. Everyone said I needed the cowboy boots as well (Tex is very particular) but I didn't feel like going THAT all-out. Anyways, all four of us met for a pre-formal dinner at the gazebo behind Swem Library around 7 or so and had lasagna. Tex was really happy because he got into this summer research program at MD Anderson in Houston, where he lives--it's exciting because it'll look really good on his resume. I encouraged him to go with the Molecular Genetics program because that is definitely what I would take, without hesitation, in his place. After dinner, we went back to Barrett Alicia got some of Mary Catherine's things (primarily a shirt with monkies on it that MC always wears). It ended at 11:30 mainly because the NKE pledges had to go over to Cabell Hall to watch a movie for their Clue Week (a frat/sorority thing--part of the pledge process). So I walked her back there with Emily (who is also pledging) and her date, Austin (who came dressed as Melkor from The Simarillion). Both of them gave me a closer look at Skiffy, one that I liked (for once). Apparently not all science fiction/fantasy people are EXTREMELY intense and passionate about every aspect of every nerdular thing. I mean, I'm as geeky as the next guy at W & M--but there's a happy medium and Skiffy is nowhere near it and proud of the fact. At any rate, they were cool people and we made a bunch of jokes pertaining to Lord of the Rings. For example:

Melkor as a drug dealer: "Hey, there, m'man...wanna buy a palantir? How about one o' these rings?"

Melkor as one of the Ghetto Boyz: "Damn it feels good to be a Dark Lord!"

Melkor as the guy singing "Hey Ya:" "What's eviller than being evil? MELKOR!!"

(And yes, I am quite happy in my dorkdom.)


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