Friday, April 30, 2004

Today is the first day of Blowout! Guess who isn't drinking? RIGHT! Actually, it's probably going to be pretty boring for yours truly...since about 99% of Blowout is how smashed you can get in a 24-hour period without dying, getting caught by the cops, or causing various forms of damage to oneself or others. However, since I run the risk of turning this into an anti-alcohol diatribe, I'm going to stop here.
Yesterday was great. I went out to the Sunken Gardens yet again, and the weather was perfect for the Bubble Thing (seriously, it's becoming quite addictive). This time quite a few people came up and talked to me. Interesting side note: one girl, named Kanene, remembered me from last September when I played "Hallelujah" at Open Mic Night. I think it's the hat that people remember the most--it's good to have a trademark. Now I'm known for my bubble-blowing mastery as well as my guitar-playing skills.
At any rate, Happy Blowout, all. Please don't come in and toast my room, Seniors. I've placed C4 in various strategic locations and I'd rather not spend my weekend cleaning viscera off the walls.


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