Tuesday, April 27, 2004

So I get online to talk to people and it turns out Danny Wysong is busy playing in an online Scrabble tournament. Deja vu, anyone??! (For those of you that I haven't already told, my parents play Scrabble like Kerry flip-flops--as often as possible and sometimes with very little stimulus.)
So yeah, today was slow. I made a bunch of giant bubbles--some as large as two feet in diameter. I've been experimenting with it--I found that during the middle of the day when it was warm but rather dry and with a touch of breeze was the best possible conditions. So yeah, guess how I'm going to be avoiding studying these next few weeks?
In other news, psych helps me realize the things I'm doing wrong but it doesn't do jack shit to help me figure out where to go from there. And I don't really feel like keeping a rubber band around my wrist and snapping it every time I have a negative thought--at the rate I'm going at this point in time I'd do serious tissue damage. So Social Sciences are the Devil. But we knew that already.


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