Thursday, April 15, 2004

So here's a typical Marketplace breakfast...

"Belly Up" is the only place to go for breakfast, and probably the only sensible place for dinner as well. They have some of the best food. The way it goes is, you get eggs and two sides--though usually I only get one. (Potatoes, as a nod to my Irish ancestry. But no whiskey.) Then you can get coffee or juice, though I get both, since the counter person usually doesn't notice--except today, when I am forced to put the extra drink on my Flex points. Anyways, the lady at the Belly Up breakfast counter looks at my plate and says, "Is that all, sweetie?" And I say, yeah, I'm good, thinking she's in a hurry to close the counter since it's almost 10:30. But instead, she takes my plate and says "Here, let me get you some more apples," and ladles enough stewed apples onto my plate to fill the needs of Taliaferro. This is what I love about the Marketplace. I'd go there just for the atmosphere, let alone the fact that it's a mere stumble (when you're half awake) or stagger (when you're half asleep), depending on the time of day, away from the dorm. The coffee wasn't so great, but then again, to paraphrase Robert Parker, "Even bad coffee is good." But now, alas alack, I must go to Calc. Luckily I'm biking over so I shouldn't be late again, as usual.
Oh yes, good news on that score--I got an 83 on the last test. Which leaves me with probably a solid B in the class. So now I just have to really buckle down.


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