Friday, April 09, 2004

Hey all. I'm blogging from the Daily Grind (coffeehouse here on campus). I found one of the orange Campus Bikes--side note: yes, we have community bikes. Bad news: most of them are rusty and in various stages of decay. If they were horses they'd be long due for the knacker's. At any rate, I found a good one that had two full tires and good brakes and I've been riding around campus. I had no idea how good the hills were! There's one that runs between Ewell Hall and Jefferson and goes all the way down past Barrett. Then it goes up past Chandler and Landrum and if you stay on the sidewalk that circles the Crim Dell, you build up good speed. Come down off the sidewalk and over onto the path that runs along Crim Dell creek and you keep your momentum, because it gently slopes down. That way you come out right next to the UC from the woods side, and it's a short hop over to the Grind, which is in one of the old Lodges. I realize this makes no sense to those of you who have never been W & M, but I know at least a few people reading this will have some idea of the geography. At any rate, my point is, due to physics and force vectors, it's actually almost as fast to take the long way 'round as it is to take the short way.
But riding here on campus is perhaps the most freeing thing I've done in a long time. What a great night.



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