Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hello, Blue Sky, you're my sunny day...
Yep, it's true, the sun finally came out today. I wandered out of a psycho psych experiment into the 6:30 sunshine. Wait--SUNshine? So I looked up and sure enough, blue sky was peering out the cloudbanks. I guess the rain is finally that we're saturated in water.
Tonight I biked over to Wawa. Someone took the orange Campus Bike I stole/commandeered, but I found another one out front that was in even better condition--good brakes, good tires, adjustable seat, etc. So I took it for a spin out to Wawa and got a meatball sub (f course) and some iced tea, since I've found that my body is more sensitive to caffeine lately. I think stress makes me more reactive to external stimuli than I am normally.
This is going to be a great week! If the rain continues to stay away. I can't wait to bike around campus like a maniac.


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